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    The Abrupt Rise in Divorce Cases & Post Marital Disputes in Delhi

    Although the capital of India is rapidly advancing towards Hi-Tech living and competes with other giant cities of the world, it is somewhere failing in personal well-being and relationships. There has been a growing trend of post marital disputes and extramarital affairs in Delhi, which has increased the demand for post-matrimonial investigations in the city. Several factors contribute to this trend:

    Divorce Case

    1. Changing Social Norms: With the increasing pace of urbanization and changing social norms, there has been a shift in attitudes toward marriage and family. More and more people are becoming open to extra-marital affairs and are less likely to tolerate domestic violence or other forms of abuse.

    2. Stressful Lifestyles: Delhi’s fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles can contribute to post marital disputes and extra-marital affairs. Long working hours, commuting, and financial pressures can strain relationships, leading to conflicts and disputes.

    3. Easy Availability of Technology: With the easy availability of technology, it has become more accessible for people to connect with others and engage in secret affairs. Social media, messaging apps, and dating sites have made connecting with potential partners easier, even if they are already married.

    4. Lack of Trust: In some cases, postmarital disputes and extra-marital affairs can result from a lack of trust between spouses. This can be due to past betrayals, conflicts, or misunderstandings, leading to a relationship breakdown.

    As a result of these factors, postmarital disputes and extra-marital affairs have become increasingly common in Delhi. This has led to a greater demand for post-matrimonial investigations, which can help spouses uncover evidence of infidelity or other issues that may be relevant in legal proceedings

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    What is Post Matrimonial Investigation, and Why is it needed?

    Post-matrimonial investigations involve investigating a spouse’s behavior and activities after marriage to uncover any infidelity or fraudulent behavior. This type of investigation may be necessary in cases where there are suspicions of adultery, fraud, or other issues that may lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

    Divorce cases often involve complex legal and financial issues, and post-matrimonial investigations can provide substantial evidence supporting legal claims, such as alimony or child custody. The need for post-matrimonial investigations and divorce cases may arise due to several reasons:

    1. Infidelity: In some cases, there may be suspicions of cheating on the part of one or both spouses, which can be a significant factor in the marriage breakdown. Post-matrimonial investigations can provide evidence of infidelity, which may be relevant in legal proceedings, such as divorce or child custody.

    2. Financial Issues: In some cases, one spouse may hide assets, income, or other financial information from the other spouse, which can be relevant in divorce cases involving the division of property and alimony. Post-matrimonial investigations can provide necessary evidence of financial misconduct or fraud, which can be used in legal proceedings.

    3. Child Custody: In divorce cases involving children, it may be necessary to investigate the parents’ behavior and activities to determine the child’s best interests. Post-matrimonial investigations can provide evidence of parental behavior, such as drug or alcohol abuse, neglect, or abuse, which may be relevant in child custody cases.

    4. Preparing for Legal Proceedings: In some cases, post-matrimonial investigations can provide important evidence in support of legal claims, such as alimony, child custody, or division of property. By uncovering evidence of infidelity, fraud, or other issues, post-matrimonial investigations can help spouses prepare for legal proceedings and protect their legal rights.

    Overall, post-matrimonial investigations and divorce cases may be necessary to uncover evidence of infidelity, fraud, or other issues that may lead to the breakdown of the marriage. Providing important evidence, post-matrimonial investigations can help spouses protect their legal rights and interests in divorce cases.

    Why does Delhi Need City Investigators for Post-Matrimonial Investigations?

    There are several reasons why Delhi citizens must choose City investigators as their professional private detectives for post-matrimonial investigations. Check out why you should connect with us to find out the truth behind your post marital disputes:

    1. Expertise: Our professional private detectives have the knowledge and experience to conduct thorough and effective investigations. They have the necessary skills and training to collect and analyze evidence, interview witnesses, and conduct surveillance, which can be critical in uncovering evidence of infidelity, fraud, or other issues in Delhi.

    2. Discretion: Post-matrimonial investigations are often sensitive and require a high degree of discretion. City Investigators’ team is trained to conduct investigations with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring that the privacy and dignity of the client and their family are respected.

    3. Legal Compliance: City Investigators know the legal requirements and regulations surrounding post-matrimonial investigations. Our team knows how to conduct experiments while staying within the boundaries of the law, which is important to ensure that any evidence uncovered can be used in legal proceedings in Delhi.

    4. Technology: Our detectives have access to the latest technology and equipment, which can be critical in conducting effective investigations. They can use surveillance equipment, computer forensic tools, and other high-tech gadgets to uncover evidence of infidelity, fraud, or other issues.

    5. Objectivity: Post-matrimonial investigations can be emotionally charged, and it can be difficult for spouses to remain objective while conducting investigations. We, as City Investigators, are committed to maintaining a professional and objective perspective while conducting studies, ensuring that all evidence is collected and analyzed without bias.

    Delhi needs professional private detectives for post-matrimonial investigations due to their expertise, discretion, legal compliance, technology, and objectivity. By working with City Investigators’ professional private detectives, spouses can ensure that any evidence uncovered can be used in legal proceedings, and they can protect their legal rights and interests. So don’t delay initiating your chase towards the truth and seek better decisions in your life with City Investigators.

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    • Best detective agency in Delhi ! Thanks for your genuine solutions .

      Pawan Gera Avatar Pawan Gera
      November 21, 2018

      A agency you can trust and trust worthy guys . They delivered time to time reports at a time

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      November 21, 2019

      I am totally satisfied with the city detective give me all evidence which I want to need for my for my p property now I got my on property without any distribution

      Gopal Jainwal Avatar Gopal Jainwal
      November 21, 2018
    • I hire city investigators to Investigation about my hubby extra marital relations. I m fully satisfy with services and solutions provided by detective agency city investigators Detectives as per as the benefits of the evidences .thanks team city investigators for your helping regards ajay kumar singh .

      लड़के यू पी के Avatar लड़के यू पी के
      November 21, 2019

      It is an amazing detective service which i have ever taken. You guys solved it my problem very secretly. Thanks City Investigators & Team.

      Atmadeo Mishra Avatar Atmadeo Mishra
      November 21, 2018

      I hired this company and is feeling completely satisfied.My experience was great as my work was completed efficiently much within the time.

      November 21, 2018
    • Really appreciate city investigators team for your genuine work . The way you guys put your efforts to solve my personal problems thanx.no doubt you are professionals but the familier approach you always wear is adorable. i am just here to say thanx

      Bhanu Pratap Saini Avatar Bhanu Pratap Saini
      November 21, 2018

      Highly impressed to city investigators team ! I had hired two times different – different detective agency’s but they make me foolish and spoil my time & money but I am very thankful to Mr. Raj & city investigators team who give me genuine solutions and solved my personal problems.

      shani pandey (NiK) Avatar shani pandey (NiK)
      November 21, 2018

      Apni shaq ki ghadi ya seedhi kare

      Satyam Sharma Avatar Satyam Sharma
      November 21, 2020
    • just checking in Google which are the best detective agency for pree matrimonial in Delhi I ever found on Google in lot’s of agency and call on different different agencies but not satisfied answers we get and finally we talked to Mr Raj and he was briefing on every points and They were helpful in my pree matrimonial investigation. They put their best to get all the necessary proofs to help me in genuine way . They might be high in price but provides sufficient results. I will recommend them for sure . Thanks City investigators detective teams .

      Shahana Shareef Avatar Shahana Shareef
      November 21, 2019

      I have been a satisfied client of city investigators. They are very much reliable, understanding and empathising. I assigned them for employment verification procedure. I have just started an organisation and I want good employees in my company. You can say that I have fear of employee bitching N all. But really a group of nice people can only make out good work.. and city investigators helped me a lot in choosing right candidate for my unit.. i will be choosing city investigators for my further appointments.

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      November 21, 2018

      thanks for giving best services to us and save my life .

      shivam Rai Avatar shivam Rai
      November 21, 2018