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    Kaushambi district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state of India, and Manjhanpur town is the district headquarters. Kaushambi is suburb part of Allahabad division. City Investigators is the best detective agency in Kaushambi, India. The team of well experienced, dedicated and hard working investigating officers make it unique and efficient detective agency. It provides numerous services to its clients but holds special expertise in background screening. The team is capable of doing all types of background check like residence verification, criminal/police verification, employment verification, qualification verification, reference verification etc. Residence verification is very essential in many of the bank and official work. Before handing over the call letter to your new employee verification is must. You don™t know the new joinees background. From which state they are coming or which background they belong to. Reference verification is also done by our team. The team also provides other services like missing person investigation, corporate investigation, money laundering verification, handwriting analysis, crime investigations. They also do pre matrimonial and post matrimonial investigations in India. We have also solved many cases of extra marital affairs. We serve the legal, insurance and corporate communities and individuals through our family law services. All of our investigators are customer driven.


    Best Detective Agency in Kaushambi


    Best Detective Agency in Kaushambi

    The investigating team is very punctual. It is always on time and confidential. We provide services in local and affordable rates. We are well versed in local customs, culture, society. The team has years of experience in solving the cases. It has earned good name and fame. We are registered, licensed detective agency. The services provided by us are trustworthy and prompt. We provide detailed information on individuals or corporations. We search all the databases. Our agents have access to databases. We are also capable of collecting internet and social network research. The team compile the results utilize undercover techniques to achieve the goal. City Investigators have very strong network which helps them to solve the cases. The teammates and whistle blowers are spread all over the city. They are quick-witted and alert enough to catch the information. They can give important break through to solve the case. They are equipped with latest technologies like hidden cameras, nanny cam, video recorder, spy pen, spy cameras, USB key logger etc. With these gadgets they can collect all the required evidences.


    Best Detective Agency in India

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